Early Childhood & Kindergarten

The program uses the Montessori method, encouraging the students to learn through playing. The students learn by exploring, doing experiment and exercising motor skills. They learn about the concept and prepare themselves to build and develop their own character and ability, in order they can go to the higher level in Primary class confidently.

The students can learn, discover, appreciate and also have fun while they are learning in the learning areas. What they learn in school are :

1. Exercise of Practical Life (EPL)

2. Sensorial

3. Math

4. Social / Cultural studies

5. Language (English, Mandarin and Bahasa)

6. Art and Craft

7. Movement (Physical Exercise)

All the children love playing, so we present the lesson through playing. By playing they learn and explore their own knowledge. As a facilitator, we inspire and encourage the students to be a part of beginning globalization era. We prepare them to be independence, creative thinking, dicipline, confidence and also have a good manners so they can live with respect to their environment.

We use Montessori method to teach and develop good character and customize all students to reach their aim in education.

The teacher regularly practise and learn through the Montessori training and our consultant always monitors our standard of teaching and also the school’s programs and curriculum.

There will be 2 teachers and 1 helper in Nursery’s classroom with maximum 12 students in each class, and 2 teachers with maximum 18 students in each Kindergarten class. This ratio makes the learning process will be reached easily and the students will get good concern from the teachers.

We give the high value to respect the environment, so in our art and craft project, we encourage the students to use the recycle things and make them respect to their environment.

From the very beginning, we commit and dedicate the students to build and dig their own talent and appreciate to their unique personality. Every year in the ending of the school program, we report the student’s multiple intelligences achievement.