The students of primary level will learn through the experience and start to begin independent in their daily life. They are encouraged to solve the problem, express themselves in good manners and create their own knowledge.

The Primary program is created to present learning experiences for the students that are appropriate to their level, give them challenge without frustration.

The students have plenty of time for learning with teachers at school as we prepare their education needs. But the important thing for the best result of the education’s achievement is the parents and teacher’ s relationship because parents will be a teacher’s partner for children’s education need in school.

What we learn in primary is providing an exciting and stimulating environment in which students

* become enthusiastic and confident learners

* develop the essential intellectual concepts and competencies for their future success

* have self confidence to ask questions and seek solution

* acquire knowledge and skills appropriate to their stage of educational development

* have self-esteem, respect each other, their environment and other culture

The curriculum of Primary is combination of National and International curriculum which school focuses in Math, English and Science as main subjects.

The lessons are taught in Primary level are :

1. Math

2. English

3. Science

4. Bahasa Indonesia

5. Mandarin

6. IPS / PPKn

7. IPA

8. Computer

9. Art and Craft

10. Religion (Moslem, Buddhist, Chatolic, Chrisian)

11. Physical and Health Education

All the subjects presented in English since English is used as daily communication language in school, except for national lesson time.

We highly value on reading habit and we aim to develop a love of books to all our students. We prepare reading time everyday before school begins.